Thursday, November 17, 2005

HP Pics

Finally some Harry Potter Pictures. My mom and I have tickets for tomorrow's 11:30 am show.

Here are my Gryffindor socks


Pattern: My own, cast on 60 stitches and went on my way
Yarn: Dani's Gryffindor Yarn
Verdict: The yarn is warm and toasty. I'm just worried my feet will be dyed red, just like my hands have been from red yarns.

I did my best to make the stripes match up, so check this out:

One has the teensy bit of yellow! I think it's kinda cute, and shows the socks are handmade. :)

Some other projects in the works:

Firefly socks from the Sweet Shop. Only have this sock on the needles at this time.

After freeing my #2 circs from the Gryffindor yarn, I casted on with the Dragon colorway from the Sweet Shop. These socks will be destined for a co-worker of mine.

One more FO:

Project: Scarf Style's Ruffles Scarf
Yarn: Dale of Norway Svale
Modifications: None, other than length. This sucker is LONG! I'll need to take some more pics to show you how long... :)

Here's a Get-Off-Your-Butt-And-Get-It-Done-WIP

Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style. It's blocked, ends are woven in and all I have to do is sew the two halves together.

Here's my latest interior decorator touch--for the centerpiece on the coffee table I've created this:

Mmmmmm... Beautiful colors... Filled with all my favorites: Sweet Georgia Yarn, Sunshine Yarns, and Koigu. I'm thinking the bright pink/yellow one will be destined for some Jaywalker socks. Any other suggestions for the rest?

Scout says:

"Dude, enough with the yarn--come over here and pet me"

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Anonymous said...

What lovely green socks!! What a lucky co-worker you have!!