Monday, November 14, 2005

Why do I have issues?

With cabling?? ARGH! I'm working on the sleeves of my Mom's Mariah sweater, and I've had to rip out the complicated cabling TWO times now because I haven't been able to fix it without ripping.

The first time, I miscrossed a cable multiple rows down and ended up dropping down my stitches to try and fix it--no luck

The second time I jumped over a stitch in the chart and ended up with an extra stitch, and was unable to tink back to fix it.

Wish me luck as I try again. I want to post project pics, but I know my Mom visits the website. I'll have to see how she feels about me posting projects. I'll probably be starting my father's vest soon. Thank goodness his vest has no cabling. :)

1 comment:

anne said...

Good luck! I have to concentrate quite hard to get cabling done -- no distractions. But I look forward to seeing Mariah someday -- I've thought about making it.