Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Flash Your (Sock Yarn) Stash!

Blogger is finally cooperating with me (except I had to upload each one of these images separately)! w00t! Here's my sock yarn stash as promised. I keep my sock yarn in two places, a plastic bucket I got at Storables and in a nice glass Ikea bowl on the coffee table (that's where the skeins I love looking at go!)

Here's the usual situation of the plastic bucket--bursting at the seams, and keeps popping open no matter how hard I try latching the white latch.

In the bucket I have three layers of yarn, and most of them are in cakes. Not the first layer though, and here it is:

I have a few skeins of the self patterning yarn and nice verigated ones made by Lana Grossa and Socketta. I got most of these at the liquidation sale when Hilltop Yarn bought out Skeins, Ltd.

Also in that layer, I have some Mountain Colors Bearfoot. These colors are so deep. I have to keep this skein away from Einstein, as she goes after anything with Mohair in it. :)

Here's the second layer--all hand dyed goodness. :)

These three skeins are from Felicia's Sweet Shop. Clockwise starting from the top left is Rusted, Autumn, and Deep River.

I also have Sunshine Yarn on this layer as well. Clockwise from top left is Meadow, Berry Patch, Watermelon Patch and Horizon.

Finally in that laer is four skeins of Lorna's Laces Sock yarn. I did start a pair of socks out of the rainbow colorway that I have only made about an inch and a half of progress on. These are such strong gorgeous colors.

In the last layer is not all sock yarn. There are a few skeins that I purchased for other reasons.

Ahhhhh... Koigu... Must I say anything else? The pink and tan colorway is one that my Mom picked out that I need to knit into socks.

Here's some silk yarn that I got while in Vancouver, BC. Terence and I went when his parents took an Alaskan Cruise that ended in Vancouver. I have one more skein of the silver yarn, but when I tried to ball it up I was swiftless, and it's in a HUGE tangle.

These four skeins are from a teeny tiny shop that was in Tokyo. It's profiled in the Fall Vouge Knitting. I have no idea what these skeins are made out of. I'm hoping to do a cheveron scarf with this.

That's it for the box of yarn. The rest is on my coffee table. The kitties have never gone after the yarn on the coffee table. Einstein once went after my Speed Demon Fondant sock yarn, but I'm convinced it's because the colors were just so yummy! Most of the time the kitties do this--stare at the yarn.

I bet she's thinking "I bet Erin could make four socks and a tail warmer for me out of that Koigu!"

In the bowl on the coffee table, I have these gorgeous skeins of Koigu that I got at the Fiber Gallery in Seattle.

And more yarn from Sunshine Yarns: Prism, Deep Ocean and Candy Cane (which I'm going to make into Valentine's Socks! :))

And my two most favorite skeins of yarn: Sweet Georgia's Elf and Slayer. I just love touching these skeins. I want to find a pattern that will do them justice before I make them into yarn balls.

One more skein of yarn left, that's now turning into a Misty Garden Scarf from Scarf Style. I went down several needle sizes, so it's going slow. US4! I'm thinking this will be a nice spring scarf. Scout had to get in my "photo shoot" I think the Vintage Orchid colorway looks beautiful next to her black fur.

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