Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yarn Inventory

My yarn inventory is COMPLETE! And would you believe I have over 25 miles of yarn?? I have to stop being such a collector and start knitting some of it!

I've found a new apartment--I'm moving from Redmond to Shoreline, WA. Moving weekend is planned for Febuary 10-12. I get the keys on the 6th, and plan on moving my yarn stash then. I'm totally trying to hide what a collector of yarn I am from my friends/loved ones. :) Blogging will probably be sparse around that time. My yarn stash will fit in my Mini. I think. ;-)

All pictures of the Misty Garden scarf are turning out like crap. I'm going to ask Terence to take one sometime soon.


knittingnurse said...

Wow! Are you ever brave! I don't dare inventory my stash. For fear that I will then have full and complete knowledge that my husband is correct when he says "y'know, you really DO have enough yarn now!" Denial works every time! It's kind of like they say at work, "if you don't chart it, you didn't do it". I say, "If I don't count it (yarn that is), then I don't have it!!!" tee hee.

I'm telling you, denial is a beautiful thing!

Abi said...

I just found your blog! Neato!
I hope your move goes well... If you need help hiding your stash, I have some big old blankets that could easily get folded up around some goodies... ;-)

(Am I an enabler or what?!)

Sarah said...

Hoping that the move goes well for you too!

I just went through my stash this weekend but my crazy knitting brain said...."NO! We need more!"

Penny ( said...

Hi Erin! I'm your sockpal of yore (assuming that yore means last year). I hope you could get the silly socks over your heels - I'm noticing that I have trouble knitting the openings loose enough. I am so sorry to see that you broke up with Terence. I know, onward and upward, but I'm sure it was difficult and I'm sad for you. I am joining you in Sockapaloooza so I'll watch your sock progress. Hey. I know what you need. A good yarn crawl in the San Francisco Bay Area. There's always a room available in my house for a sockpal. - Penny