Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kitty Pi

Two posts in two days!! Can you believe it? I'm setting into the new apartment with the kitties. It's not as nice as the other apartment, but we're managing. Except, well, my cats are in heat. Both. AT THE SAME TIME! What's getting me through this rough time is the knowledge that they will be getting their uteri (what is the plural of uterus anyway?!) out on March 10. Obviously, Einstein can't wait.

I've decided to knit them kitty pi's to sleep in post-anesthesia. This is my first experience felting. I finished up the first kitty pi at my friend Abi's place. I thought I'd wait until they both were finished, but I couldn't wait to felt!

Here's Kitty Pi #1 drying on one of my new pots. :) It's much more hairy than I expected. You can even see a little hairball on the left!

Kitty Pi #2 is well on its way to being done. I'm almost at the part where you decrease. I'll probably be felting this during the week, maybe even on my birthday (Wednesday!).

The kitty pi pattern can be found at Wendy Knits.

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Peg said...

Two cats in heat at once - guess they will not be seeing the outside for a day or two! They will love the new beds. Isn't felting just so much fun! Sometimes I take an old brush and give my felted object a good brushing! Who need techno colour hair balls in a cat?! Good luck in your new home. I live north of you on Vancouver Island, so I know what your weather is like. Today my shrubs, tulips (about 5" tall in the garden) and trees are covered in heavy wet snow. That is what I get for bragging to my east coast family about our wonderful winters!