Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Birthday Post #2!

Thanks everyone for the really nice birthday wishes! :) This birthday was harder than the others, with the recent break up, and having to re-learn how to live by myself again. Eh, enought with the depressing stuff--let's get back to the knitting!

The beginning of the post is for my Mom... :) Here's the completed Kitty Pi before felting and ends woven in. That is an actual size cat next to it. ;-)

After weaving in the ends, I set my washing machine to "hot" and added a little bit of detergent. This is the hardest part--having to drop the wool into the machine KNOWING it will shrink. I still wanted to handwash the damn thing. :)

Yes, my knitting is in there somewhere. It took a whole three cycles of agitaiton to felt the bed down to size.

While it's drying, the cats are enjoying the first Kitty Pi. Scout was the first to try it out.

And when I got home from Abi's place after a birthday dinner, I found Einstein like this!

Please ignore the unmade bed. :)

Tea at the Queen Mary was fun. They lend all the birthday girls tiaras! :) My mom has a few good pictures--I'm going to have to ask her to email a few of them to me. But check out the Queen Mary's website.

Acorn Street is about 100 feet away from the tea room. Here are my purchases...

Four balls of Baby Ull. I'm hoping to use these for Eunny's Mini Argyle Stockings--when she writes up the pattern that is. It's a deep navy color on the right and a bright pink! :) The camera wouldn't pick up these colors properly.

Second was some Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Must hide the mohair from Einstein! I swear that the mohair is like kitty crack for her! :)

More sock yarn... :) I ::heart:: sock yarn.


Abi said...

Yay! Einstein likes it! What a beautiful basket full of cat.

Peg said...

Love the sock yarn! Seems you have one contented cat in the new bed! I love felting, but it is a leap of faith to see your work disolve into the soap bubbles and hope you get it out at just the right time!