Friday, March 31, 2006

Fair Isle 101 FINISHED!

New FO to report! I finished my Fair Isle Sweater!

The obligatory bathroom mirror shot

And laid out on the bed shot:

And kitten trying to hog the camera spotlight shot:

I'm happy with the sweater. It was my first fair isle, and I'm really happy the way it turned out. I can't believe I was so intimidated by Fair Isle! This sweater was knit on #4s for the ribbing, and #5s for the stockinette. I ended up substituting some of the colors, as I couldn't find the exact color numbers in my LYS.

I just made the sweater about 3 months too late, as it's not cold enough to wear a 100% wool sweater! I also need to find a longish button down white shirt to wear underneath it, just like in the magazine.

Next on the sweater front: the drop stitch hoodie! Yay #9 needles!

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