Monday, March 20, 2006

New Cabinet... and Lessons in Home Improvement

So my Mom and I ended up going to Ikea to get the cabinet that I put as #100 in my list in the last post. We went there around 11:00, and Ikea was so empty for a Saturday! It looks like Ikea Seattle is growing, I can't wait to see it finished!

My mother and I then attempted to try and get the shelf unit in her car, a Toyota Camry Solara. Thankfully it fit. Barely. And there was a bit of twine involved. (But I didn't have to strap it to the top of the car like my friend Dave had to with his 7-shelf as-is dresser).

I can put Ikea furniture together like nobody's business. This bad boy was put together in about an hour and a half. The glass doors are extra. This cabinet is HUGE! (see the edge of my desk next to it?) Much larger than expected. I got the doors for the yarns that the kitties like to terrorize.

So as soon as I finished admiring my work, I put my yarn stash in the cabinet.

Cottons, cotton blends, silks and alpacas in the bottom half

Sock yarns, wools, and wool blends in the top half.

I'm going to do more detailed shots of each cubby on April 1, official Flash Your Stash day!

I have a lot of yarn. Thankfully I didn't fill any of the cubbies up. I did get close with the commercially dyed sock yarns though. :)

Now I just need to figure out how to put up a curtain rod so it stays screwed into the wall. Apparently I need drywall screws. Looks like a trip to Home Depot is in order.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, Erin, this looks like a display in a yarn store! You DO have a lot of yarn - and may need a second set of shelves if you keep this up! LOL