Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sweater Progress and Stash Enhancement

Here's where I am after two long evenings of knitting! I'm about an inch away from dividing the front and back and shaping the armholes. You can see the mass of ends that need to be woven in on the bottom right.

Abi and I visited Wooly Monkey last Friday. They're having an inventory reduction sale, and she and I spent some time there. (Abi's in Medical School, and with finals happening, she needed a study break)

The best find: Five skeins of Alpaca & Silk in this gorgeous silver color. I'm thinking a nice shawl for this. :)

Two skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in the Passin Fruit colorway. I've heard some good things about this yarn, and wanted to try it out.

Then I stashed some GGH Aspen in a deep navy color.

To make this sweater from the 2004's Fall/Winter Rebecca.

And my main reason for going to the yarn store--GGH Samoa!

It's to make the drop stitch hoodie from the Spring Interweave Knits. It's the one with all the zippers.

Here's the website where you can check out all of the projects in the issue:


Off to rest my hands--knitting with US5's is hard on the hands! :)


Abi said...

SPECTACULAR progress on the sweater, although the rat's nest of ends might give me nightmares... It looks great!

Thanks again for the mental health trip to the yarn store! :-)

knittingnurse said...

WooHoo! You go GIRL! Great jog on the sweater!

YEAH for you!!!!!!