Friday, April 28, 2006

Knitting Expo

Around 3 pm Friday, Abi gave me a call. She had decided to leave school early and wanted to know if I had left for the expo yet. Since I hadn't we decided that I'd go and pick her up from the campus.

After dealing with the horrific Seattle traffic in the U-District we were on our way.

When we arrived, we first had to FIND the marketplace. The hotel that the expo was in wasn't labeled very well. There were hardly any "KNITTING EXPO THIS WAY signs." Abi and I are smart girls, and we found the marketplace.

Since I knew Blue Moon Fiber Arts was here, I wanted that to be my first stop. Abi and I decided first to check out the entire marketplace first before spending any money. After a quick lap around, we started at Blue Moon Fiber Arts!

I've never seen the Socks That Rock in person, just on the internets. I tried to be good, and only got five skeins.

Ruby Slippers and Spinel:

Fire on the Moutain and Alina

And Rolling Stone, all in Lightweight. They were also handing out the Emergency Sock Yarn keychains for free.

While Abi's next purchase was at another vendor, I was on the lookout for some handspun yarn.

I found some at Crown Mountain Farms. I love how the plys are different colors. It's what I was looking for. I got two skeins.

Somehow the rest of this fell into my hands, and I HAD to buy it! :)

Corriedale Pencil roving in Pueblo:

A Merino/Bombyx blend in New Blue

And some Blue Faced Leicester in Luthien:

I had this dream the night before, where I was spinning on a spinning wheel... Think that's a sign? :) Any advice?

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Emma said...

Wow, you found some beautiful things! And the keychain is adorable.