Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kool Aid Dye Day

Abi (NW Knitter) and I spent all day today dying with Kool Aid! We started out the day early, and Abi provided a delicious breakfast of waffles!

After fortifying ourselves for the rest of the day we got to work setting up our self striping skeins, which consisted of us taking a couple of chairs and throwing the wound up ball back and forth to one another.

We figured it would take us less time to set up our self striping yarns that way. :)

After that, we got our supplies together. Pay attention to the gray skein on the left, you'll see it again.

First we put our skeins of yarn in the sink to soak while we mixed our colors.

We decided to first try out pour dying our yarn. We mixed up 4 colors, pale blue, blue, neon green and purple.

Abi poured hers:

And I poured mine:

We then microwaved them until all the color was exhausted from the water.

At this point I was thinking, man this dying stuff is messy! :)

While Abi set up her self striping yarn in cups, I decided to overdye my gray laceweight that I brought.

I used three packs of dark cherry and one pack grape.

Here's Abi's self striping yarn setup:

Unfortunately, we didn't realize that the dye water from the taller glasses would go to the shorter glasses, thus disruping our orange and yellow.

I dyed another skein a pale blue, and it turned out nicely.

Here's everything on the drying rack in her bathroom:

Abi and I have decided to take the two skeins that we did with similar colors and make each other socks out of them.

We're going to be having a dye day next week with more people, which is why we wanted to work out the kinks this weekend. We learned what to do for better results next time.

Anybody have tips for dying?


Abi said...

Erin, it works! HOORAY! Check out my pic of the striping sock yarn...

I would LOVE to play with some real dyes, but I don't think we should mix that day with a koolaid day, since one will be in containers used for food... Although between all of us at the dyeing party (3 nurses, a soon-to-be-pharmacist, and a med student), I'm sure we could recussitate if need be!

Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun! I have been dying to try dying :)

Emily said...

Your yarn looks great! Like you, I'm having several friends over for a dyeing party in a couple weeks, so I tested out the Kool-aid thing (although yours came out much better - I didn't use enough packets). I ended up also getting chemical acid dyes, and testing them out, and they actually work a lot better and there are so many more colors. However, as someone already pointed out, there is the toxicity problem you don't get with Kool-aid...Have fun, I'll check back and see what you guys came up with!