Friday, April 21, 2006

Sockpaloooza Progress

So, as promised a post tonight after my nap--which lasted 8 hours--a little longer than anticipated. I tend to listen to my body and sleep as much as I need to the day after a shift. Anyhoo, you probably want to see the knitting... :)

Here's my first sockpaloooza sock, all done except for the kitchnering of the toe. I finished this one up at work last week, and I didn't have any yarn needles with me. I still have to hunt for my chibi to finish this, but I figure that can wait, as it will take me 5 minutes to finish.

Since I had a few hours left in my shift, I figured I'd cast on for the second sock. I got through the ribbing, and started with the pattern, and started thinking "I don't think these skeins match... This one seems awful lighter..." After pulling out the complete sock, and comparing the two, I was right. Here's a picture in natural light.

And with flash. It's hard to tell in pictures, but OBVIOUS in person.

Now, if these were socks for me, I'd probably keep going with the mismatching socks. But I'm wierd sometimes. :) But since these socks are for someone else, I needed to go back to the LYS where I bought the Koigu and see if they had another skein.

Armed with my nearly completed sock, I went into the store and walked straight to the Koigu. Thankfully I found several skeins that matched. While I was looking though, the store owners commented how I looked like a girl with a mission. I told them about the mismatching skeins, even though I had checked dye lots. She then stated (in her explaining it to a three year old voice) that Koigu is HANDDYED, and you can't expect all skeins to match. Now, I H-A-T-E being talked down to. Especially when I know my stuff. And I know yarn. :) I've worked with Koigu before, and own a lot of it, and this is my first time having problems with mismatching skeins even after I checked the dyelot. This may seem like such a small thing, but since Seattle has so many yarn stores, I think I'm going to take my money elsewhere. Which sucks, because this store is right down the street from my apartment. :-(

Moving on. Here's the progress I made with the new skein. The colors are pretty darn close, and I can't tell a difference. Now I just have to finish the sock and get it ready to ship in a week. I can do it. :)

Here's one completed sock-- a simple stockinette sock in Sweet Georgia's Carousel sock yarn

This used to be a Jaywalker sock, but I didn't like the way it was turning out and ripped it. I had been past the heel!

I really like doing stockinette socks with the handpainted yarn. I feel like I want to show off the yarn, and any patterned sock would draw away from the beauty of the yarn. Plus they knit up fast. :)

Wish me luck ripping the Superman Stripe sock. I'm going to take Knitting Nurse's advice and try a toe up sock. I'm just thankful that the yarn that I dyed is thick and knits up quickly.


Emma said...

All the yarn you're using is so pretty. I love the colors in your stockinette stitch sock. Good luck getting everything finished!

Abi said...

Oooooohhh.... Aaaahhhhhh....
I love love love that color! :-)

I agree with wanting to show off the lovely yarn -- although your Sockapalooza sock is a good compromise with texture and showing off lovely yarn.

I'm cringing in empathy for the ripping out of superman...

knittingnurse said...

I'm sorry about the bad experience at the LYS. Don't you hate it when people do that? And, I ask myself, why would ANYONE talk down to someone who a)is obviously an educated knitter (Koigu AND that patterned sock? - should've been a giveaway) and b)DIDN'T ask for the advice?

I would even understand it had you tried to return the mismatched skein but you were just going to purchase another skein, correct? Oh well, I think life is too short and I don't want to spend my time (or money) on people or places that don't give me the warm fuzzies if I don't have to. Since you have other YS around, you don't have to.

I have a LYS right down the street but I go a bit farther to MY shop (tee hee) b/c of the service. I WILL go to the other shop if MY shop is out of something I need right away, otherwise, I go where I am happy.

The socks are coming along beautifully! I like the yellow and orange (pink?) socks as well.

I can't wait to see the superman socks. Didn't realize I would make you rip out but, I think you might be happy in the end?????

Let me know, ok? ;->