Wednesday, April 19, 2006

To Etsy or Not to Etsy

As you can see, I've been bitten by the handpainting bug... I'm trying to decide on opening an etsy shop. Right now, I feel like I'm not skilled enough, as my colors tend to run together and get muddy. The skeins that I've pictured have parts that look muddy, but when you skein them up, they look great. Needless to say I'll be practicing more. I've also asked a friend of mine to build a warping board to make self striping yarns, like the ones you see at Scout's Website.

But I'm loving playing with the dye! I'm FINALLY using my 'artist' gene that I inherited from my Mom!

So stay tuned, I'll probably be opening up an etsy shop in the next month or so. We'll see.

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