Friday, May 12, 2006

Another reason I love living near Canada

Other reasons:

Victoria Clipper, and easy access to Victoria, BC
Three hour drive to Vancouver
Feeling "out of the country" and not needing to pack a backpack
and the best reason:
Super fast shipping from Sweet Georgia.

I wasn't expecting this for a few days, but when I saw the box, I knew EXACTLY what it was...

I carefully opened the box with a knife, and got even more excited. I love how Felicia packages everything!

I ended up scoring two superwash skeins of Angel and Blue Fig:

A skein of handpainted sock yarn in Versailles:

And my main reason for ordering: ROVING!

Now, you know you're a big blog fan when you recognize that Felicia tied the bags of roving shut with her second attempt at spinning boucle, as seen in this post. Check out the picture of the open box above.

Oh my goodness, this BFL is sooooo soft and yummy! I hope she dyes more, as I want to start spinning this TODAY.



Now just to find the perfect patterns for the new yarns. :)

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