Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Moment in Which I Realize I Have a Slight Problem

So I've been knitting away on my Mom's Mariah, and my wrist is aching from all the cabling acrobatics, I decide to take a break from knitting for a bit to let it rest. Since I'm catching up on all my podcasts, I've been knitting in bed. I glance up at my yarn cupboard, and decide it's time to rearrange my sock yarn collection. And out of curiosity I decide to count how many pairs of socks I can knit out of the yarn.

I could knit 48 pairs of socks out of all my yarn.

This makes me freak out.

Then I feel like I need to go to the yarn store in order to have enough yarn for 50 pairs. Fifty is a nice round number, right? ;)

I just realized that I have socks on the needles--the pink/yellow ones for me, some blue/yellow ones for a co-worker, and the superman stripe ones.

51 pairs.



Emma said...

So jealous of your sock yarn stash! There are some beautiful things in there. If you need any help using it all up, just let me know!

knittingnurse said...

Well, I like nice round numbers as well so, to help you out of course (;-) , I'll take the superman stripe socks off your hands. Y'know, just cuz I want to help!

tee hee!

Abi said...

Whew! I can only knit about 22 pairs from my stash... I guess I'm not QUITE as bad as I thought about collecting... :-)

So... much... beautiful... yarn... ... ... can't... study... anymore...