Saturday, May 06, 2006


I got my Sockapaloooza package from the apartment office as soon as it opened this morning! So Exciting! I could barely keep myself from ripping the box open in the car, but I knew I should do it in my apartment in order to 1.) not look crazy, and 2.) Document it for the blog.

I documented everything! :)

Blue (my favorite color!) tissue paper. I slowly peeled away a few layers, and found this:

EEEEE!!!!! (That's me squeeling in delight!) Warshcloths AND socks! I'm such a lucky girl!

Underneath the socks:

A sheepy zipper pocket. WITH goodies inside:

The BEAUTIFUL washcloths from Mason Dixon Knitting:

Of course, while I was opening the package, the kitties had to investigate the new smells:

You can see I've put on the socks--see the empty sock sleeve? :)

See the yummy Koigu socks I got? They're based on this pattern.

Now who was the AWESOME person who spoiled me so? It was Erin from My Best Friend's a Dork. I got such a chuckle when I saw that Erin had knit socks for Erin! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ERIN!


Emma said...

So great! I love seeing the photos of what everyone got for the sock exchange. You documented it so thoroughly, I love it!

Teyani said...

I love the black kitties- we have two as well ! Aren't they wonderful>?!
Thanks again for coming by our booth at Knitter's Expo - and I'm glad you are pleased with your purchases. It was great to meet you!