Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round...

I've been feeling like I've been doing nothing but knitting this sleeve! Then it's probably a good thing that I've gotten sleeve #1 done up to the yoke! I wanted to start sleeve #2 right away, but my right wrist was aching, and I figured I'd better rest it. All those cable crossings was hard on my wrist! I did finish sleeve #1 in 2 days!

Here it is on a stitch holder waiting with the rest of the pieces.

Since I'm working tonight, I needed to stay up late, so I wanted to find something else to work on. The BMFA Socks That Rock tempted me, but I thought "if working with US 8s is hurting my hands, How are US 1s going to feel??

So I thought I'd pull out my drop spindle and try that out. I've signed up for the Weaving Works class "Beginner Drop Spindling" that happens on May 21st. If I'm so tempted to get a spinning wheel, I better learn how to use my drop spindle first. :)

So armed with some prepared red coopworth, my Mt. Shuksan Cascade Spindle, and my Tivo'd episode of Knitty Gritty "You Spin Me Right Round," I started to spin.

I had a few hiccoughs, like the fiber separating and the spindle dropping, and I think at some point I started to spin in the opposite direction... :) Ah, to be a beginner.

The kitties left me alone last night while I was spinning, but Scout got REALLY interested this morning when I pulled out my progress to show you.

My pretty spindle with crappy yarn. I'd like to take it off the spindle to see how it looks after I set the twist. I can't wait to try out my pretty new fibers, but I'll wait until after I take the class. I can't wait until Sweet Georgia posts her dyed fibers tomorrow. :)

And so Einstein doesn't feel left out, here she is checking out one of my recent purchases. :) What is it about bags that cats like?

I've also been on a book buying binge, with Knitting Rules, Mason Dixon Knitting, and several "learning to spin" books. I've also been drooling after beginning wheels such as the Ashford Joy, and the Lendrum Original Spinning Wheel. I'm leaning towards the Lendrum at this point in time. If I'm going to be spending $400-500, I want to get something that's made out of wood, and not MDF. Any other recommendations?

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Mote said...

Wow! That is an absolutely gorgeous first yarn! It looks so even...

My first spindle attempts were rather less productive, and I ended up with yarn that knit up at roughly 2 stitches/inch. =D But it's been a few weeks since I learned, and it feels like I'm really 'getting it' now.