Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fremont Fair

Sorry there was no post yesterday, I'm going to try and do two posts today. I was at the Fremont Fair, to celebrate the Summer Solstice. It tends to involve a lot of public nudity--none on my part! For some pics of what it was like, check this out. I ended up going with Dave and his girlfriend Cat. I also ended up getting sunburned to a crisp.

I can't believe how much I've improved on the spinning wheel. I plyed some New Zeland wool together (hot pink and navy) into this:

Two skeins (I need a plying head for my wheel!). I don't know how much yardage I have here. It filled up two of the small bobbins that came with the wheel.

I'm now working on some Merino Wool

It's coming out so EVEN!

I'm hoping to keep it this fine, and maybe use it for socks? Depends on how much yardage I get out of the roving I got.

I'm working on all this in preparation for using the BFL I got from Sweet Georgia. I'm thinking of tackling it after I'm done with this Merino.

Lessons learned the past two days

1. Predraft, predraft, predraft.
2. Lots-o-sunscreen
3. Treadle slowly

Now I'm also thinking of selling handspun AND handdyed yarns.

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knittingnurse said...

Go Erin, Go Erin! Tee hee!

I KNEW you could do this.