Friday, June 09, 2006

The Friday Blues

I like blue, except when that's how I feel. Today I was totally blah, feeling lonely, unhappy, etc. I allow myself to feel like this for one day a month. I give into the doldrums. Come tomorrow though, I am no longer allowed to feel crappy. I find that's effective. After the relationship with Terence ended, I allowed myself to feel really sorry for myself in the month of Feburary. I set a deadline for it, and sure enough, when the deadline came (my birthday, March 1) I snapped myself out of it.

I've been thinking of ways to improve my blog. First off, I need to figure out how to respond to my comments! I've tried almost everything! Blogger sends them to my email with anonymous blogger email addresses. Anyone have any tips? I do read all of my comments and am thankful for all of them!

I've also been thinking of coming up with goals for the month, knitting/dyeing/spinning wise. For June I want to :

1. Finish Tubey (I hope I have enough yarn!)
2. Finish my Co-worker's (actually boss's) socks--Knitty's Pomatomus
3. Finish the lace socks I started out of one of the STR Skeins (the Spinel one, I'm doing the Interweave Spring 06 lace socks, the cute ones with the picot edge, where she's wearing the cute turquoise heels!)
4. Get a spinning wheel (I went to Weaving Works and signed up for the spinning wheel class, and got the impression that it's going to be a lot longer than 2-4 weeks for the Lendrum shipment to come in)
5. Decide whether or not to try and sell handdyed yarn.
6. Avoid the temptation of a raw chocolate brown alpaca fleece that I saw at the Weaving Works--I think this is going to be the easiest. :)
7. Come up with a plan of attack for the Black Sheep Gathering. I want to have a shopping list.

Finishing all of those seems achievable. I still need to get batteries. I have some Dye-O-Rama Yarn that I want to show you. :) I'll be sending mine out tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Love reading your blog. If you sell yarn I will buy :)

knittingnurse said...

Hey you! Hopefully this comment finds you up and out of the doldrums. It's so hard to do that though, I am proud that you have the strength to do that. Yeah for you!

Whew! You are an ambitious girl. But I know that you can complete all those goals. I can't WAIT to see the pomatamus socks. I've been considering tackling that pattern for awhile now. When you post pix, make sure to post progress pix of tubey. That's another one that I've thought of doing as well. And you KNOW how I feel about your hand-dyed yarn. (Superman was amazing)

Have a FAB, FAB weekend. Enjoy you! You are too fab not to do so!

eve knits said...

Erin~ Thanks so much for the yarn!! I love it so much. Great blog and happy knitting!!