Friday, June 16, 2006

Socks, and more Socks

I swear, I must have a half dozen pairs of socks on the needles. It's the easiest project to pick up and put down at a moments notice.

Two in particular are seeing a lot of time these days.

First, my Simply Lovely Lace Socks in the STR Spinel.

My picot edge has yet to be sewn down. But look at the color!!

I spent the night at my Mom's and Dad's because I was taking my mom to the airport at the butt-crack of dawn (honestly, I can't remember the last time I had to wake up at 5 am!) and I brought these socks along to knit on while we watched on TV. My mom LOVED both the yarn and the pattern. I'm hoping to pick up some more Spinel at the STR booth at the Black Sheep Gathering for her.

Such a lovely texture. I'm hoping to get these socks done in time for the BSG.

In other news, I came home from work on Wednesday morning to find that the kitties had some fun during the evening. Witness the results:

Yeah, that's Koigu tangled with some Dye-your-own sock yarn. This acutally looks better than id did, as the kitties had run around the entire apartment with the skeins. What was the Koigu attached to?

Just a Pomatomus. I'm on the last repeat of the leg chart. These are the socks for my co-worker. Look how the Koigu is pooling!

Here's my progress pic for Tubey. Not feeling much motivation to pick this up this week, as I probably won't be wearing it for a few months. I love working with the Cashmerino Aran, though.

Still practicing on my Lendrum. I've been trying to draft and spin today using regular roving. My results leave much to be desired. :) I'm learning, and only practice makes perfect.

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knittingnurse said...

Wow, both pairs of socks look GREAT! ( I kinda like the way the koigu is pooling - you?).

As for the tubey, it looks like its coming along very well but I understand how you wouldn't want to knit on it yet. I've got a sweater in waiting as well. I don't know that it will make it into my "Summer of UFO finishing" or not. We'll see.

And the spinning? I BET it's FABULOUS ( I know how hard you are on yourself girlfriend! )