Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

I'm still digging through all my stuff, trying to find old UFOs. Winner of the contest should be announced tomorrow evening. (I'm working tonight, Sunday.)

Just returned from the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. This was my first time to this festival. I must admit, I LOVED this one, and plan on going for years to come! :)

I actually have real pictures this time! My mom ended up coming with me, and we took a little road trip for the girls. :) First, a finished picture of Tubey!

Knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Used 11 balls. On size 8 needles (I think.) I'm standing in front of a fall in Oregon City, where the end of the Oregon Trail is.

First stop at OFFF was at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Booth

I got these:

STR Lightweight in Country Claire and Blue Brick Wall. I'm surprised I only found two skeins to buy.

Next up, Crown Mountain Farms.

Here's their entire selection of Superwash Merino. I ended up with these two lovelies:

An unnamed colorway on the L (unnamed because they considered it a mistake--too close to Blue Suede Shoes, so they'll never make it again) and American Pie.

Next after that, was Dicentra Designs.

This is where my Mom went CRAZY with the camera. :) I warned her of all the lovely colors at this booth, and BMFA. I knew that the artist in her would appreciate that.

From here, I ended up with some BFL top:

One in a new colorway, Spring Rain:

And some Merino and Mohair:

Since Dicentra Designs was in the same room as the Fiber Sale, my mom and I went to check that out. I was DETERMINED to buy a fleece. Here I am scoping out the goods. :)

So many beautiful textures of natural fleeces!

They kicked us out at 11:50, and I ended up scoring a great place in line. So much so, I got my first choice of the fleece I fell in love with!

Can you guess what it is?

Cat for scale--look how big that bag is!

How about a closer look?

Give up? That's FIRST PRIZE winning Merino! It's from Hub Corridales. It's GORGEOUS!

Look what it turns into when I wash it:

White like... I'm nearly peeing my pants with how excited I am to get this wonderful fleece. :)

Now I just have to wash all 9.5 lbs of it!

I thought about getting a Romney or Corriedale or other "easy" fleece, but when I saw this, I fell in love with it. Once I fall in love, it's all over... It's so beautiful. :)

After I got the fleece, we took it out to the car (it was HEAVY!)

and I ended up changing in the parking lot. A Merino sweater is HOT! Too early in the fall for a sweater like that.

I ended up liking OFFF better than the Black Sheep Gathering. More vendors is the main reason. Plus it's closer.

My Mom ended up enjoying herself as well. I'm glad she came along. :)


Abi said...


I really wish I had gone with you! :-)

Your tubey turned out great, too.

Jessica said...

Looks like you had a great time. Sorry I missed you. There was a coppery, chocolate merino there that was just too incredibly beautiful. But I didn't get it. Yours looks lovely. I agree that OFFF is much nicer than BSG for Seattle folk. Plus it's so much cooler with the grass and the shade.