Sunday, September 03, 2006

Re-entry Syndrome!

I'm back, trying to get over jetlag. I hate re-entry syndrome, where home isn't as cool as the place you've been. It is nice sleeping in my own bed though. :) Anyhoo, pictures as promised!

I didn't take that many. I ended up joining my friend Dave, who has been travelling around Europe for 3 weeks before I got there (he's on a 5-week vacation, lucky bastard!). Mostly Germany, Prague, Amsterdam, then he met me in Paris. He's now gone on to Ireland.

My mom was nervous about me leaving. She insisted that I ask Dave to meet me at the airport. He did, but was late meeting me. So late in fact, that I was just about to find my own way to the hostel!

I don't sleep on planes. At all. It's not like I don't try. So upon my arrival, we check into the hostel, and I need to take a nap. After about an hour and a half, we wake up, and head to the Musee D'Orsay, check out the impressionist paintings, and then went to the Louvre.

We spent the rest of the afternoon there, looking at the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, Venus de Milo, and the rest of the treasures of the Louvre.

The next day, we decided to go to Versailles. Here's the Hall of Mirrors:

How come everywhere I've always wanted to go, the place that I'm REALLY excited to see, there's restoration going on?! That happened in Rome, and now at Versailles! What you can see in the picture above is the amount that was open. Here's a view of the garden from the Hall of Mirrors.

It ended up pouring rain after we got there, so we didn't get a chance to see the gardens. But my socks got to see Versailles. :)

The next day we looked at Notre Dame:
I had a 4 fromage pannini:

Checked out the Arc de Triomphe:

And walked from the Arc to the Eiffel Tower:

And, of course took pictures from the top:

The next day, we took the chunnel over to London, having to get first class tickets, since the rest of the train was sold out. We got fed, and got lots of wine though. Dave got a bit tipsy on the way to London. I decided to stay with water, so one of us would be able to navigate to the hotel. :)

Upon arriving to London, we went to the Notting Hill Carnival, and afterwards Dave wanted to check out the rest of London. Since evening was fast approaching and most of the sites were closed due to the Bank Holiday, I thought of taking him to the most "London" place I could think of... The place where he KNEW he was in London. So, I took him to Westminster! Saw Big Ben, Parliment, rode the London Eye. (Dave took all the pictures that night, and most of the vacation. I think he's up to 18,000 for his trip when I left to come home).

The next day, we took a bus tour to see Winchester, Stonehenge, and Bath.

Was a bit disappointed with Stonehenge. Just a bunch of rocks... :)

But I did get to see (and smell) these:
Stonehenge Sheepies! :)

Here's Bath Abbey:

That's Dave in the vest with the BIG camera.

And the Roman Baths:

And look! Spinning and Weaving supplies found in the Roman ruins!

Sorry for the crappy photos... No flash + unsteady hands = bluriness! :)

The rest of the vacation included the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace:

Visiting Westminster Abbey:

Going to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral, and walking through the Tate Modern.

Here's Dave and I at the top of St. Paul's Cathedral. After all 500+ steps!

Dave looked like such a tourist!

So now I'm off until Sunday, when I go back to work. In my next post, I'll show the knitting I completed. It's not that much. :)

And I didn't get to visit any yarn stores while I was in Paris or London.

I ::heart:: Paris and London. When can I go back again?

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knittingnurse said...

OH, I am SO thrilled for you that the trip went so well. You are were so deserving of it.

Hopefully you are over re-entry now. I look forward to reading more regular posts from you.

Hugs to you and to your Mom.