Friday, October 27, 2006

Yup, it's my Blogversary!

Yup, one year ago today I started blogging. Congratulations Abi! Though I'm loving reading the other "on this day today" comments. Since Abi lives so close to me, I'll have another contest. Find me the best "on this day today" event, and you'll get a prize like Abi! And no, Abi, you can't win again. :)

A few weeks ago, I told you about some sweater stashing that had been done. See, a few weeks ago I had been a bit down in the dumps with all this divorce crap. So, finding yarn on sale became a bit of a hobby for me. :)

There's a few sweaters in blogland that I'm just DYING to make. First is the Lucy in the Sky Cardigan by Laura at Cosmicpluto.

First, I purchased this yarn at Elann:

But it's a bit fuzzy in real life, and I wouldn't want to obscure the diamond detail on the sweater with the fuzziness. So, in the stash it goes! I couldn't get a shot of how gorgeous the purple is. Me likey!

I also had purchased this:

I've been wanting to knit Rogue for a long time. So I thought that this Jaeger yarn would be gorgeous in all those cables. But then I remembered about this yarn:

Chilling in the stash all unused. So, the Mission Falls will become Rogue, and the Jaeger will become Lucy!

It is taking every bone in my body not to cast on!!!!!! I've finished a sleeve for my Mom's sweater, and am about to take on one of the fronts of Ivy. I cannot start another sweater until I finish one of those.

Can I?



Sarah said...

Today was a great day in history!

Ummm Hello! Disneyland debuted on this day and who can forget the divorce of Ms. Monroe and the sexy DiMaggio. And the namesake for the cuddly teddy bear was born on this day. Shall I go on? ;)

Sarah said...

Oh wait how about something a little knitting related in 1938 DuPont announces its new synthetic fiber will be called "nylon"

Mote said...

:grins: I just finished my Lucy and I love it - it's definitely a must-knit.

Abi said...

You can knit whatever you want, whenever you want. I say do it! Works in progress are the mark of a busy knitter!

You can pass my prize off to someone else for the best "on this day" guess, since you already gave me a little "prize" from the OFFF... :-) I just wanted to guess!

trek said...

Honorius I became pope in 625.
Philadelphia, PA became a city in 1628.
Issac Singer was born in 1811.
Emily Post was born in 1873.
Du Pont named its new synthetic yarn nylon in 1938.
The Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004.

Heide said...

It's officially "Navy Day". Trek rocked the Wikipedia listings.