Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 In Review

A lot has happend in this year. I had my heart broken, my parents divorce, my mom moving away... Let's just say I'm looking forward to 2007. It can't be any worse than 2006.

But in the fibery arena, I've had a GREAT YEAR!

Look at all the sweaters I've made!

First off is the Fair Isle 101 Pullover

I haven't worn it as often as I'd like, and am hoping to wear it more in 2007. I hope this little bit of Fair Isle will prepare me for the Venezia Pullover.

Next, I finished up my Mom's Mariah and gifted it to her.

Apparently the neckline is a bit big on this one. She probably won't get much wear out of it in Florida now.

Then I finished Tubey

I'm not a big fan of this sweater right now. Love the neckline, hate the body of the sweater. Debating about ripping out the body and trying something new.

Then the Hourglass

I LOVE this sweater, and wear it often. It's so nice and warm!

Then Ivy

Still need to find a nice shirt to wear this with. And I think I made the ties too long.

And finally Lucy

My second most frequently worn sweater. Love it!

I participated in Sockapaloooza and knitted these:

and recieved these:

A very successful swap!

Knitted some Fetching Gloves:

Some Simply Lovely Lace Socks

Discovered the crack that is Socks That Rock and made some Jaywalkers:

And some Sweet Georgia Versailles Jaywalkers

I bought my first spinning wheel:

Went to my first fiber festivals and bought my first fleece:

Learned how to weave over the summer and didn't love it.

And I also learned how to dye yarn.

I also got to take a fabulous vacation with my very good friend.

Knitting total:

6 Sweaters
4 pairs of socks (ONLY 4!?!)
1 Fingerless mitss

2006, thank goodness you're leaving, can't wait to see what 2007 holds in store.


goodkarma said...

That's quite a year. Lots of lovely knitting done! Next year will be better in so many ways. :)

knittingnurse said...

DAMN, you were such a busy girl even with all the CRAP you had tossed at you.

I am so incredibly proud of you and how you handled this very difficult past year. You should look back on the year and be proud of yourself for the amazingly strong woman you were throughout all this!

Yeah for ERIN!

Sarah said...

You had a very succesful fiber year. I had a great time reading through it.

Sunflower Farm said...

you are an amazing knitter. I hope to learn to be half as good.