Thursday, December 28, 2006

I've been tagged.

I've been tagged twice for the "Six Weird Things About Me" Meme. By Soccerchic Knits and KnittingNurse.

1. At work, I'm totally organized, making lists, keeping my work area tidy, keeping my patient tidy. A place for everything and everything in its place. At home is a completely different story. I think it's because at work, I have another nurse following me, so I like to keep my workspace the way I'd like to find it.

2. I'm completely anal about being on time. I have to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early. I get SEVERELY stressed out when I'm late. Like a couple of weeks ago, when Seattle had the windstorm? It took me over TWO FREAKING HOURS to get to work (a trip that usually takes 20 minutes). I was 40 minutes late to work. The only time I've been late to a job. Even when I go to do things fun with friends I try to arrive early. I think it shows a lack of respect of the other person and their time when someone is consistently late.

3. I obsess about if I locked the front door or not. To the point of getting up from bed to check (tripping over the cats in the process).

4. I used to buy Danskos. Now I buy yarn. I ::heart:: my Dansko collection. I still love going to look at the new styles. For some reason, I can't justify buying another pair. Dropping $100 in yarn for a sweater, not a problem. Methinks I have a problem with the yarn. :)

5. If I have a really sick patient at work, I forbid from anyone saying the word "CODE" in front of the patient. (When I worked in at GWU Hosptial in DC, I asked the nurse taking care of the patients next to me to stay near as I thought that my patient might code, and it HAPPENED.) I also wave the code drugs over a super sick patient as a talisman to keep away any badness (especially if we're going downstairs for tests), and I'm always prepared for a code. (If you're prepared, it'll never happen) So far, at Harborview, it hasn't.

6. I hate coffee. Pretty weird for someone who lives in Seattle. And works nights. Tea has started to give me heartburn. I drink soda now. I especially love the cherry coke. :)

Who hasn't done this meme now? I dont think Abi has. So I tag her. And any of you who are reading this that hasn't done this meme. Yup, I mean YOU. So get cracking! :)


goodkarma said...

Now I know I'm weird, since I could have put two or three of your things on my own list! :) hee hee. I'm sending you a gold star for being an ICU angel at H'view. My dad was there in trauma several years ago and the nurses were unbelievable. Thank you.

Now go knit, and make sure the door is locked. :)

danielle said...

I love it!
But dont most of us nurse believe in voo doo??? If I think there is a chance for a bad baby...I set up everything a bad outcome will need, just to make sure I WONT need it...
I hate coffee too....and whenI worked nights it was soda (tea makes me pee too much and you cant always get there...)
Like you I hate disorder at work - am very task oriented - but sure wish I could bring those habits home with me!
I have been late to work once...after a horrible rainstorm when all the roads and exits were flooded (and yet I was still the first day shift to arrive!!)