Friday, March 31, 2006

Flash Your Stash 2006

Check out my Stash photos on my Flickr page for details! Just click on the poster.

Einstein Approves

Einstein Approves
Originally uploaded by eksrn2002.
As I was blogging the last post, I turned around to find Einstein enjoying the sweater as well. :)

Fair Isle 101 FINISHED!

New FO to report! I finished my Fair Isle Sweater!

The obligatory bathroom mirror shot

And laid out on the bed shot:

And kitten trying to hog the camera spotlight shot:

I'm happy with the sweater. It was my first fair isle, and I'm really happy the way it turned out. I can't believe I was so intimidated by Fair Isle! This sweater was knit on #4s for the ribbing, and #5s for the stockinette. I ended up substituting some of the colors, as I couldn't find the exact color numbers in my LYS.

I just made the sweater about 3 months too late, as it's not cold enough to wear a 100% wool sweater! I also need to find a longish button down white shirt to wear underneath it, just like in the magazine.

Next on the sweater front: the drop stitch hoodie! Yay #9 needles!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Fair Isle 101 Progress

Yup, I'm still working on the Fair Isle 101 Sweater from the Winter Interweave Knits. Look how far I've gotten! It's a finished body!

Since the sweater was knit in the round, I needed to weave in all the ends of the colored section. I decided last night to bite the bullet and weave them in. It took a lot less time than I anticipated!

And my 'seam' looks good! Although, you can see my jogs. I'm not that upset about it. I'm just happy it looks so good for my first time. (I didn't take any pictures of the gaping holes that were in the seam before I started.

And here's the back side of the seam. You can see the wayward red yarn, as I wanted to weave it in a red section.

The gray yarn still needs to be woven in. (And soon, as the kitties have gone CRAZY for this yarn!) Each day I've come home from work, there's been a skein of yarn that the kitties have gotten into and unwound halfway. :)

Now here's my problem. I'm working on the last sleeve, and as I was knitting and joining new yarn, I examined my work and noticed how parts of my knitting were leaning to the LEFT! (Look halfway down the picture) Will this come out with blocking??

How does this happen? I want to know so I can avoid it in the future. I'm fairly certain that is a section where I ended a ball of yarn.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

April 1st... Flash YOUR stash!

I'll be there! (You can even see most of it already by clicking on my Flickr button to the right.)

Sockpaloooza Yarn

Sockpaloooza Yarn
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I finally have chosen the yarn for my Sockpaloooza Pal. She and I have almost complete opposite tastes. She requested something not bright. I think this beautiful Koigu fits the bill. And look! Seattle SUN!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sleeve on the Blocking Board

Sleeve on the Blocking Board
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My mom got me one of the Sew EZ Blocking Boards for my birthday. We had some trouble with UPS delivering it, so I didn't get it until today. When I got home I quickly washed my first completed sleeve in Euclan and pinned it out to dry while I watched some TV that I had Tivo'd. I LOVE the blocking board. THANKS MOM AND DAD!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Go and welcome a new blogger!

My good friend Abi (and great commenter) just started her own blog! Go and give her some love! You'll see her new hat, a silky wool sweater beginnings and some Sweet Georgia sock yarn action!

Yay Abi!

Monday, March 20, 2006

New Cabinet... and Lessons in Home Improvement

So my Mom and I ended up going to Ikea to get the cabinet that I put as #100 in my list in the last post. We went there around 11:00, and Ikea was so empty for a Saturday! It looks like Ikea Seattle is growing, I can't wait to see it finished!

My mother and I then attempted to try and get the shelf unit in her car, a Toyota Camry Solara. Thankfully it fit. Barely. And there was a bit of twine involved. (But I didn't have to strap it to the top of the car like my friend Dave had to with his 7-shelf as-is dresser).

I can put Ikea furniture together like nobody's business. This bad boy was put together in about an hour and a half. The glass doors are extra. This cabinet is HUGE! (see the edge of my desk next to it?) Much larger than expected. I got the doors for the yarns that the kitties like to terrorize.

So as soon as I finished admiring my work, I put my yarn stash in the cabinet.

Cottons, cotton blends, silks and alpacas in the bottom half

Sock yarns, wools, and wool blends in the top half.

I'm going to do more detailed shots of each cubby on April 1, official Flash Your Stash day!

I have a lot of yarn. Thankfully I didn't fill any of the cubbies up. I did get close with the commercially dyed sock yarns though. :)

Now I just need to figure out how to put up a curtain rod so it stays screwed into the wall. Apparently I need drywall screws. Looks like a trip to Home Depot is in order.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Deep Ocean Socks

Another sock FO!

From Dani's Sunshine Yarns Etsy shop
I cast on 68 sts and followed Knitty's Socks 101 (yet again!)
Result: Love 'em. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

100 Things About Me

1. I'm a Pisces
2. I was born in Chatanooga, TN.
3. The lights went out in the hospital, and I was almost born in the dark. Almost.
4. I feel like I grew up in FL even though I moved around a lot before the 3rd grade.
5. I was almost in the Super Bowl Halftime Show when it was in Tampa. But I was cut by Disney because I was considered "too tall"
6. I'm still bitter about it--I was a Girl Scout and they didn't let the council know there was a height limit. We got cut at 8:30 am and had nothing to do until our parents picked us up at 3.
7. I curse a lot.
8. I attribute it to the hospital I work in--the county hospital.
9. I tend to drop the F-bomb in front of my Mom a lot, even thoughI know she hates it.
10. I've met some really awesome people through Terence--people I consider my closest friends.
11. Einstein and Scout are littermates--the only two of the litter.
12. The day I realized I was working at Harborview too long was when I was called a FU**ing B**ch from Hell, and took it as a compliment.
13. I see horrific things happen to nice people and their families.
14. It makes me glad that I moved out to Seattle to be closer to my parents.
15. I'm most satisfied at work when I have a septic ARDS patient and I get to work the Roto-Prone bed.
16. I'm addicted to yarn.
17. Really addicted.
18. I can't pick a favorite.
19. But LOVE Felicia's Sweet Georgia Yarns
20. I'm subscribed to 193 feeds under Bloglines
21. Even my own
22. I like to check out how many other people are subscribed to my blog
23. It's up to 7.
24. I just got a Tivo.
25. Three words: BEST INVENTION EVER!
26. I like to watch Knitty Gritty when I get home from work
27. The host Vicki's hair annoys me.
28. I'm addicted to several TV shows: Sopranos, ANTM, ER, Lost...
29. I stopped watching so much TV when I was dating Terence
30. I'm back to being a couch potato.
31. Contentment for me right now is: Me watching TV, knitting, with the kitties asleep on my lap.
32. I know that won't last very long.
33. Because I really miss living with a boyfriend.
34. I'm soooo not ready for a relationship.
35. But feel like I'm ready to start dating.
36. I was a virgin until I was 25.
37. On my 25th birthday I vowed I'd get a boyfriend and loose my virginity that year.
38. I have no regrets.
39. I met Terence on
40. I contacted HIM first. And kissed him first.
41. He was 30 mintues late to our first date. I kept telling myself to leave. I'm glad I didn't.
42. I'm still bitter over our breakup.
43. I don't think he ever understood my obsession with yarn. :)
44. I'm not a good cook.
45. I tend to mess something up when I follow a recipe.
46. I'm a hell of a baker.
47. You should try my Chocolate Chip Cheesecake.
48. I make some kick ass Mac & Cheese too.
49. I know I have low self esteem.
50. It's because of my poor body image.
51. I'm really good at drawing blood from people.
52. I can do it so it doesn't hurt. Really. Even ABGs!
53. I like to try and gross my friends out with nursing stories.
54. They try to then gross me out, and they can't.
55. I'm don't like that I can tell that a GI bleed patient is in the unit by the smell I encounter when I enter the unit.
56. I often get burned out with my work
57. I feel like I need to go back to school.
58. But I can't find a graduate degree that I can get passionate about.
59. I wish I could get an art history degree.
60. I'd move to London if I could
61. I love riding subways.
62. I've ridden ones in NYC, Washington, DC, Tokyo, London, Rome, and Paris.
63. I've got a great sense of direction.
64. I rarely get lost.
65. I'm also an excellent navigator.
66. I love to ride roller coasters.
67. I've also been skydiving
68. I jumped from 12,000 feet.
69. I wasn't nervous until they opened the door to the airplane and looked down.
70. I want to go again.
71. I'm a thrill seeker.
72. I went to Italy by myself.
73. I loved Tokyo. If I could speak or understand Japanese, I'd live there too.
74. The yarn stores were fantastic!
75. I'm attracted to geeks.
76. Especially computer geeks
77. I started out as a Computer Science major in college
78. I changed my major when I failed Calculus.
79. I attended the University of Florida.
80. I'm proud to be a Gator.
81. I still make fun of FSU.
82. My parents are still married.
83. My brother is turning 30 this year.
84. He's still in FL, but hoping to move out here later this year.
85. I like having my parents all to myself.
86. But I know it will be nice to have all of my family out here in WA.
87. I love my MINI, Winston.
88. I believe seat warmers are the BEST THING EVER!
89. My pet peeve is when people use double negatives.
90. I love going to Ikea and walking through the store.
91. My apartment is furnished with tons of Ikea stuff.
92. I thought I'd hate working nights.
93. I've been offered day positions 5 times and turned them down.
94. It's for 2 reasons: less pay, and more people (Drs, social work, families, nutrition, PT, OT, etc) around.
95. I wish I could take better pictures for the blog.
96. I wish I could open a yarn store.
97. But I've worked for a small business and know how much work it is.
98. I've already come up with the store name! :)
99. I'd like to take up quilting, but I only need one expensive hobby right now, thanks.
100. I'm planning on making a trip to Ikea this weekend to get this:*15639*15651*15889

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sweater Progress and Stash Enhancement

Here's where I am after two long evenings of knitting! I'm about an inch away from dividing the front and back and shaping the armholes. You can see the mass of ends that need to be woven in on the bottom right.

Abi and I visited Wooly Monkey last Friday. They're having an inventory reduction sale, and she and I spent some time there. (Abi's in Medical School, and with finals happening, she needed a study break)

The best find: Five skeins of Alpaca & Silk in this gorgeous silver color. I'm thinking a nice shawl for this. :)

Two skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in the Passin Fruit colorway. I've heard some good things about this yarn, and wanted to try it out.

Then I stashed some GGH Aspen in a deep navy color.

To make this sweater from the 2004's Fall/Winter Rebecca.

And my main reason for going to the yarn store--GGH Samoa!

It's to make the drop stitch hoodie from the Spring Interweave Knits. It's the one with all the zippers.

Here's the website where you can check out all of the projects in the issue:

Off to rest my hands--knitting with US5's is hard on the hands! :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Non-cat Knitting. :)

Yes, it hasn't been all kitty cats around here. :) I have been plugging away at a few projects for myself.

First off, I decided to challenge myself by making this sweater from the Fall Interweave Knits:

I'm hoping to modify the pattern slightly to make it longer. This is my first Fair Isle project, and first sweater to be knit in the round.

At this moment in time, I'm up to the middle of the second large motif, and am more than halfway done with the fair isle section. I've also completed a sleeve for this sweater--no pictures of that, it needs to be blocked and is just a large gray mass.

Here's my stranding. Eh, I don't know if I'm happy with it or not. At least they don't seem too tight.

Finally as a break from the fair isle I've been working on a sock. Dani's Deep Ocean Colorway from Sunshine Yarns.

I've completed one sock, and am working on shaping the gusset on the other.

Now a request for advice--has anyone tried Kool Aid dying? My knitting group and I are going to try it out. We've ordered some dyeable yarn, and now I'm looking for some real life tips and tricks. Thanks!

Friday, March 03, 2006


Here's Scout in the second Kitty Pi! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Birthday Post #2!

Thanks everyone for the really nice birthday wishes! :) This birthday was harder than the others, with the recent break up, and having to re-learn how to live by myself again. Eh, enought with the depressing stuff--let's get back to the knitting!

The beginning of the post is for my Mom... :) Here's the completed Kitty Pi before felting and ends woven in. That is an actual size cat next to it. ;-)

After weaving in the ends, I set my washing machine to "hot" and added a little bit of detergent. This is the hardest part--having to drop the wool into the machine KNOWING it will shrink. I still wanted to handwash the damn thing. :)

Yes, my knitting is in there somewhere. It took a whole three cycles of agitaiton to felt the bed down to size.

While it's drying, the cats are enjoying the first Kitty Pi. Scout was the first to try it out.

And when I got home from Abi's place after a birthday dinner, I found Einstein like this!

Please ignore the unmade bed. :)

Tea at the Queen Mary was fun. They lend all the birthday girls tiaras! :) My mom has a few good pictures--I'm going to have to ask her to email a few of them to me. But check out the Queen Mary's website.

Acorn Street is about 100 feet away from the tea room. Here are my purchases...

Four balls of Baby Ull. I'm hoping to use these for Eunny's Mini Argyle Stockings--when she writes up the pattern that is. It's a deep navy color on the right and a bright pink! :) The camera wouldn't pick up these colors properly.

Second was some Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Must hide the mohair from Einstein! I swear that the mohair is like kitty crack for her! :)

More sock yarn... :) I ::heart:: sock yarn.


On the day of my birth 27 years ago, I want to say a big THANK YOU to the most important people in my life:

My Parents

These two people have been extremely supportive of me throughout the very tough times the past 3 months. They are the reason I moved out to Seattle, and I never have regretted a moment since then. I love you Mom and Dad!

Here's the birthday present I got for myself last year, on March 8. I can't believe it's been almost a YEAR!

My MINI, Winston.

I've finished and felted the other kitty pi, I'm just waiting for it to dry. And upon request from my Mother (who reads this blog--HI MOM!) I've taken pictures of how I felted it.

She's taking me out for tea this afternoon, and then we're going to the yarn store where they give 15% off on your birthday! :)