Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sockpaloooza Socks FINISHED!

Sockpaloooza Socks
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Yay, I finished with a day to spare! WooHOOOOO! Now, I'm just waiting for them to dry, and I'll post all my pictures of them, and the goodies that I bought to include in the package. Dry, baby, DRY! :)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Knitting Expo

Around 3 pm Friday, Abi gave me a call. She had decided to leave school early and wanted to know if I had left for the expo yet. Since I hadn't we decided that I'd go and pick her up from the campus.

After dealing with the horrific Seattle traffic in the U-District we were on our way.

When we arrived, we first had to FIND the marketplace. The hotel that the expo was in wasn't labeled very well. There were hardly any "KNITTING EXPO THIS WAY signs." Abi and I are smart girls, and we found the marketplace.

Since I knew Blue Moon Fiber Arts was here, I wanted that to be my first stop. Abi and I decided first to check out the entire marketplace first before spending any money. After a quick lap around, we started at Blue Moon Fiber Arts!

I've never seen the Socks That Rock in person, just on the internets. I tried to be good, and only got five skeins.

Ruby Slippers and Spinel:

Fire on the Moutain and Alina

And Rolling Stone, all in Lightweight. They were also handing out the Emergency Sock Yarn keychains for free.

While Abi's next purchase was at another vendor, I was on the lookout for some handspun yarn.

I found some at Crown Mountain Farms. I love how the plys are different colors. It's what I was looking for. I got two skeins.

Somehow the rest of this fell into my hands, and I HAD to buy it! :)

Corriedale Pencil roving in Pueblo:

A Merino/Bombyx blend in New Blue

And some Blue Faced Leicester in Luthien:

I had this dream the night before, where I was spinning on a spinning wheel... Think that's a sign? :) Any advice?

Monday, April 24, 2006

What I plan on doing this weekend...

Abi and I will be HERE!

I'm so glad I got paid today. :)

On my shopping list:
-Dye supplies
-Niddy Noddy?
-Check out spinning supplies

Abi and I are talking about taking a spinning class. I've been looking longingly at spinning wheels. I'm trying to resist. Felicia's making it hard with this. Must....resist...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dye-O-Rama Prep

In preparation for Dye-O-Rama, I decided it might be a good idea to take each one of my dyes, and dye a small skein of yarn so I'd have samples of my colors. I spent last night making up little skeins, and tonight dyeing with all my dyes!

Here's black, hot fuschia, bright yellow, teal and violet.

Violet, spruce, chestnut, bright kelly green

and emerald, bright blue, scarlett, and bright orange.

I can't wait to use these to help me make new colorways too! :)

And finally, progress on the Superman Stripe socks again. I'm SO glad I ripped and started from the toe up. I only need to figure out how to make a better heel. You're seeing the pretty side, the other side is horrible. I won't be ripping out these socks again. (I've already done it three times!!)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Sockpaloooza Progress

So, as promised a post tonight after my nap--which lasted 8 hours--a little longer than anticipated. I tend to listen to my body and sleep as much as I need to the day after a shift. Anyhoo, you probably want to see the knitting... :)

Here's my first sockpaloooza sock, all done except for the kitchnering of the toe. I finished this one up at work last week, and I didn't have any yarn needles with me. I still have to hunt for my chibi to finish this, but I figure that can wait, as it will take me 5 minutes to finish.

Since I had a few hours left in my shift, I figured I'd cast on for the second sock. I got through the ribbing, and started with the pattern, and started thinking "I don't think these skeins match... This one seems awful lighter..." After pulling out the complete sock, and comparing the two, I was right. Here's a picture in natural light.

And with flash. It's hard to tell in pictures, but OBVIOUS in person.

Now, if these were socks for me, I'd probably keep going with the mismatching socks. But I'm wierd sometimes. :) But since these socks are for someone else, I needed to go back to the LYS where I bought the Koigu and see if they had another skein.

Armed with my nearly completed sock, I went into the store and walked straight to the Koigu. Thankfully I found several skeins that matched. While I was looking though, the store owners commented how I looked like a girl with a mission. I told them about the mismatching skeins, even though I had checked dye lots. She then stated (in her explaining it to a three year old voice) that Koigu is HANDDYED, and you can't expect all skeins to match. Now, I H-A-T-E being talked down to. Especially when I know my stuff. And I know yarn. :) I've worked with Koigu before, and own a lot of it, and this is my first time having problems with mismatching skeins even after I checked the dyelot. This may seem like such a small thing, but since Seattle has so many yarn stores, I think I'm going to take my money elsewhere. Which sucks, because this store is right down the street from my apartment. :-(

Moving on. Here's the progress I made with the new skein. The colors are pretty darn close, and I can't tell a difference. Now I just have to finish the sock and get it ready to ship in a week. I can do it. :)

Here's one completed sock-- a simple stockinette sock in Sweet Georgia's Carousel sock yarn

This used to be a Jaywalker sock, but I didn't like the way it was turning out and ripped it. I had been past the heel!

I really like doing stockinette socks with the handpainted yarn. I feel like I want to show off the yarn, and any patterned sock would draw away from the beauty of the yarn. Plus they knit up fast. :)

Wish me luck ripping the Superman Stripe sock. I'm going to take Knitting Nurse's advice and try a toe up sock. I'm just thankful that the yarn that I dyed is thick and knits up quickly.

Can't wait to dye!

I'm posting this in a sleep deprived haze (I worked last night, and it's 10:30 in the am...) Guess that explains why I just ordered 20 skeins of color your own sock yarn from Knit Picks! I suppose one of those skeins will come in handy for this:

And for the Etsy shop. I've even come up with a name for the Etsy shop. :) Now I'll just have to convince my Mom to help me make a logo. :)

Another post when I wake up from a nap. I've got some Sockpaloooza news (including my speedbump) and a (very) mini rant about one of my LYS.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

To Etsy or Not to Etsy

As you can see, I've been bitten by the handpainting bug... I'm trying to decide on opening an etsy shop. Right now, I feel like I'm not skilled enough, as my colors tend to run together and get muddy. The skeins that I've pictured have parts that look muddy, but when you skein them up, they look great. Needless to say I'll be practicing more. I've also asked a friend of mine to build a warping board to make self striping yarns, like the ones you see at Scout's Website.

But I'm loving playing with the dye! I'm FINALLY using my 'artist' gene that I inherited from my Mom!

So stay tuned, I'll probably be opening up an etsy shop in the next month or so. We'll see.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Hand dyed yarn
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Another result from my dye day, VEGAS! Hot Fuschia, Violet, Black.


Hand dyed yarn
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I had another dye day. I'm still trying to figure some things out. :) Several skeins are still drying, and one is a birthday gift! :) Here's one that's all ready for public viewing, ATLANTIS! Yellow, blue, teal and spruce. A lot of the colors blended into one another. There is a learning curve with handpainting.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Five Places I Have Knit

Kat is having a contest of five places (other than your house and a knitting store) where you have knit.

1. On the high speed bullet train, the Tokaido shinkansen, heading to and from the Worlds Fair last year in Japan
2. On the ferry back to Hong Kong from Macau
3. In the back of my Mom's car
4. In my MINI, Winston
5. In the Tokyo Airport, San Francisco Airport, Seattle Airport, New Orleans Airport...many airports. :)

So much for just a gauge swatch...

Here's Superman Stripe all knitted up. I wanted to make knee socks out of this yarn, but I ended up casting on too few stitches. Should I rip and restart?

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Friday, April 14, 2006


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The second skein that I dyed with the acid dyes. It took a lot longer to dye. I ended up making a mistake while dying this skein and ended up with a lot of yarn that didn't get dyed. Now that it's in a skein, I actually like it!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I feel an addiction coming on...

Superman Stripe
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Introducing my FIRST self striping acid dyed yarn. Knitted up, it should have a thick band of red, a thin band of yellow, a thick band of blue, and a thin band of yellow. I call it SUPERMAN STRIPE! :) I'm now planning my next dye purchases. :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Status of Self Striping Yarn

Here is what the self striping yarn that I made at Abi's last weekend looks like. I had a bit of tangling help by the kitties. I have hours of untangling ahead of me. :( I learned how NOT to set up my yarn for my next dying adventure. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Obsession Begins

Just a small purchase to try out acid dying. Wish me luck! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Yes, I've been knitting

Whew! I can't believe it's been a week since I posted! I have been knitting, lots actually! I've finished the back of the Drop Stitch Hoodie! (And yes, I realize that I made a mistake--can you find it?)

Close up of the texture:

I love working with the GGH Samoa! I'm actually thinking of using this yarn for another sweater.

I've also made progress with my Sockpaloooza socks. I was inspired by Crafoholic's Mata Hari socks. My YO K2tog happens every other row, instead of every fourth row.

I've made it past the gusset and am on to the foot section of the first sock. I'll be finishing with plenty of time before the May 1 deadline. I made this much progress in two days at work! (We've been slow, obviously)

I'm on the Left front of my hoodie, almost to the armhole shaping.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kool Aid Dye Day

Abi (NW Knitter) and I spent all day today dying with Kool Aid! We started out the day early, and Abi provided a delicious breakfast of waffles!

After fortifying ourselves for the rest of the day we got to work setting up our self striping skeins, which consisted of us taking a couple of chairs and throwing the wound up ball back and forth to one another.

We figured it would take us less time to set up our self striping yarns that way. :)

After that, we got our supplies together. Pay attention to the gray skein on the left, you'll see it again.

First we put our skeins of yarn in the sink to soak while we mixed our colors.

We decided to first try out pour dying our yarn. We mixed up 4 colors, pale blue, blue, neon green and purple.

Abi poured hers:

And I poured mine:

We then microwaved them until all the color was exhausted from the water.

At this point I was thinking, man this dying stuff is messy! :)

While Abi set up her self striping yarn in cups, I decided to overdye my gray laceweight that I brought.

I used three packs of dark cherry and one pack grape.

Here's Abi's self striping yarn setup:

Unfortunately, we didn't realize that the dye water from the taller glasses would go to the shorter glasses, thus disruping our orange and yellow.

I dyed another skein a pale blue, and it turned out nicely.

Here's everything on the drying rack in her bathroom:

Abi and I have decided to take the two skeins that we did with similar colors and make each other socks out of them.

We're going to be having a dye day next week with more people, which is why we wanted to work out the kinks this weekend. We learned what to do for better results next time.

Anybody have tips for dying?