Thursday, November 30, 2006

Still here...

But life is getting in the way of blogging...

First, my Mom leaves Washington on Wednesday, so I'll be busy helping her get ready. Expect radio silence until she leaves. It's crazy around here.

Second, I started washing my fleece! I started at around 2 am before a set of shifts started. It's GORGEOUS!!! It's drying now, thankfully the kitties haven't attacked it yet.

Third, I got myself a drum carder! :) I can't wait to use it to card my fleece.

Still working on a few things. One of my UFOs is almost done. The turtleneck shrug I finally got myself another Scarf Style book after losing the first one in the move. I have about 3 inches left of the turtleneck to complete.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's 4 am...

It's 4 am, and I'm still up. No worries, as it's the night before my shifts start, so I always stay up late. I've been working on some computer work for a rubber stamp company, and working on my spinning class homework while I'm waiting for things to save.

I'm hand carding the different fibers we got to play with. I'll be spinning them up and navajo plying some, and saving the others for class. I even got to play with a drum carder!! Now I think I know what I'm going to get myself for Christmas! :)

A few project updates. Here's a few of the things I want to knit for the holiday festivities.

The ribbon scarf from Handknit Holidays using a hot pink (!!!) Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Will look great with my black coat.

Also from Handknit Holidays, these legwarmers. When I went to the shop, I had only written down the name and color numbers of the different colors called for in the pattern. Well, the Weaving Works didn't have a single color called for in the pattern!

So I went with these... It's either going to be really good, or really bad... Sorry for all the flash pictures, but there's no natural light at 4 am!

And you know as soon as I finished Ivy, I casted on for this:

My Lucy in the Sky Cardi! Now, why does it seem that when you knit things in pieces, it seems to go faster. I swear I've been working on this forever, but all I've got is about 4 inches of work! I'm trying to get a ball a day done. We'll see how I'll be able to keep up with that goal.

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's been awhile!

First, business out of the way, Trek, you won my contest. The Red Sox winning the World Series did it for me. :) I've emailed you to discuss prizes.

I saw NW Knitter Abi at our friend's birthday party on Saturday and she reminded me that I hadn't posted in a long time! Bad knitting blogger, BAD!

So, in celebration of my blogiversary, I scored myself some Vesper Sock Yarn:

That's Knit and Tonic up top (LOVE IT!) and Midnight Knitter on bottom (w00t! UF colors!) I know what the big deal is about her yarn now, and I haven't even started knitting with it yet!

I also end up getting some NSS Steel from Sunshine Yarns. I'm hoping in her big update on Tuesday she'll have some NSS Midnight. I think the two would make GREAT stripey knee socks. :)

Today was another gloomy rainy day in Seattle. This color is pretty accurate of the sky color.

I also took a trip to Vancouver while I was on my blog break. I've been dying to go for about a year now. I wanted to go mainly to see Granville Island again. The public market that they have there rivals the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle. Plus at Granville Island, they have the Silk Weaving Studio.

While there I picked up this skein of 1600 yds of silk laceweight yarn. Isn't this just the perfect color for autumn?! In the studio they had several looms, and had chained warps ready to go. I have to admit seeing all the gorgeous stuff makes me wish I liked weaving a little bit more.

They also had unspun silk fiber there! I hadn't noticed that they carried it the last time I was there. I ended up getting some Tussah fiber:

And some Camel/Silk fiber:

A company called The Silk Tree provides all the fiber and yarn to the shop. The fibers are heavenly!

I've also been knitting.

Like a fiend.

I finished Ivy. :) I was up until 4 am seaming one night so I could try and wear it to my friend's birthday party. I'd call it a successful knit. I need to find myself a better top to wear underneath, as the shoulders are too narrow, and when I wear it with a camisole, the straps always end up peeking out.

You know you have spoiled kitties when they sleep on your handknits. :)