Sunday, January 21, 2007


I'm sure you've noticed the change in the look of the blog sidebar. I'm pleased with how things are arranged now. The only thing that's missing is progress bars on my WIPs.

Isn't that a looooong list? I've listed EVERYTHING. Hopefully it will encourage me to work on some of them. :)

I've slyly put a new WIP up there without mentioning it. It's because it's a surprise for my Mom. Not sure if she's keeping up with the blog since the move, but I want to share my progress.

Do you remember the sweater I was working on for her? It was going to be a shawl collared cabled cardigan. From Vogue Knitting Fall 2006, Design number 19. I had gotten the back, a sleeve, and half of the second sleeve done. I had been having nagging thoughts about my yarn choice (Knitpicks Shine worsted) thinking it would cause the sweater to sag and droop, especially since I needed to use US9 needles to get gauge. The back looked so droopy, and it wasn't even a sweater yet! So I decided to change directions.

Since my Mom is in Florida now, I needed to come up with something I thought she might want to wear to a job. She's looking into prospects now, all office jobs. (I don't know if you know this about Seattle, but the dress code is MUCH looser, not like on the East Coast).

So, I looked through all of my books and magazines for good, classy sweaters that fit KP's Shine worsted gauge. Enter this lovely:

Interweave Knits Looking Glass Top from last summer. Except I'm leaving out the silly hole in the front. Would you believe I've got the back and both sleeves done already?! :) I'm up to the waist shaping on the front! I did have worries with the VK sweater that I was going to be short on yarn. No worries on that now. I'll have another bag of KP's Shine to figure out what to do with!

I'm hoping to have this done in time for my trip to Florida next month. I leave on the 14th. Anyone have good suggestions for Florida yarn stores? I'll be in the Tampa/Clearwater area.


knittingnurse said...

Holy Cow sweetie! You are getting to be so FAST! Yeah for you!

What color is the sweater btw? Mom is going to FLIP!

Have fun on your visit and be safe.

goodkarma said...

That's a long list of WIP, but if I were honest on my blog, I would have a list just as long! :) I need to give that Looking Glass sweater another look. V-neck sweaters really work for me, especially with waist shaping.

I am a bit jealous that you have a trip to FL to look forward to. This grey winter weather gets old every single year... blech!