Sunday, January 28, 2007

Etsy Question

Here's a quick question for you all, what do you think of selling handspun that was commercially dyed on Etsy? Or do you think I need to dye my own roving and sell it spun up? What are the ethics involved with this?

Input is appreciated.


Karen said...

Your hanspun is your handspun. I don't think it matters one bit who dyed the roving. They are two different products in my opinion.

Bonnie Tarses said...

Hi Erin, I have a comment on your question and have a question of my own. As long as you say the roving was commercially dyed, you have no ethical problem. I am sure there would be a price difference. Some folks might want and appreicate handspun yarn, but might not be able to spring for hand-dyed as well.

You may have addressed this question somewhere in your blog, but I am curious as to the type of dyes that you are using. Bernie told me you were dyeing yarn this evening, and it made me wonder. He hooked me up with RSS feed as you suggested.

Now I have to get busy and post something. I still have some weaving to do as well.