Friday, January 19, 2007

New Goodies!

Only a week late showing you, but here's the beautiful gift I got myself for Christmas:

A Patrick Green Deluxe Drum Carder!

I've been using it to take this, my washed merino fleece

Isn't it gorgeous!!

To make this, puffy cloudlike batts:

I have yet to begin spinning this fiber, as I'm waiting for my birthday present to myself to arrive:

Yup, I'm getting myself a Schacht Matchless. And as a late Christmas/early birthday present, my Mom is going to get me a WooLee winder for it! My Lendrum will be living at Abi's house for awhile. Guess I better get spinning on all the half filled bobbins! :)

In other news, check out what I've set up!! Click on my banner to check out my etsy shop!


Nicole Valentine said...

the shop is great!!! I'll be watching - my fave color combos are pink/brown or blue/brown btw. ;)

knittingnurse said...

OOoh Erin, I am so PROUD of you and excited as well.

Yeah for you!