Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Book Acquistions

The next two books I'll be reviewing are books that I bought with a specific project in mind. You see, I've met a great guy. :) Hand knits are being discussed. I've told him about the sweater curse, and he still wants a hand knit. Thinking about my stash of knitting books, I realized how few men-themed patterns I have.

The first book I got is:

Such a campy name! There's a few patterns I found I'd like to knit out of this book. First is this sweater:

I totally could see myself knitting this for someone, and borrowing it a lot. :) I tend to like the simple classic designs. This sweater calls for cotton though, which I'd think would make for a HEAVY sweater, and imagine how the cotton would stretch!

Next are these gloves:

I love the cable on them, and the palms of the hands are textured with seed stitch on the palm. Imagine this in solid navy Koigu--yummy!

And this hat:
I love the spiraly decreases! Not sure I'd do this in garter stitch though. I'm more of a stockinette girl myself. :)

Overall this is a good book.

Next is:

I ended up liking the patterns in this book better than 'Never Knit Your Man a Sweater'

I'm considering this laptop cover:

These socks:

Here's another yummy sweater! I have a thing for hoodies lately!

Again, another good book. I'd also recommend this one

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ginger said...

I looked thru Never Knit Your Man a Sweater last weekend at my LYS and liked what I saw, but did not buy it. I haven't seen the second book yet.

Thanks for the reviews.