Thursday, February 15, 2007

Made it to FL

I've landed safely in FL. Settling in my Mom's apartment, and she's already put me to work fixing computers, awaiting for delivery of a shelving unit.

Upon the moment I first stepped into her place, I demanded she take her shirt off. (TAKE YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!) So she could try on her sweater. :)


And I even managed to finish up her Cracked Canyon Jaywalkers on the flight out here. Florida is cool and overcast right now. It's like I haven't even left Seattle :)


Karen said...

Happy day! Enjoy your visit with your mom.

Bonnie said...

What can I do to get a pair of socks like that? I love them!

Diane said...

enjoy your visit in Florida...are there many LYS? Jaywalkers look great....I am going to give it a try

goodkarma said...

Your mom is so cute! The Looking Glass sweater fits her so perfectly. Thanks for sharing that! Have a great time visiting together. :)