Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yes, I AM still alive!

I've just had a heck of a time since I last posted. Things that happened to me:

  • Rear ended on the way to work (Winston's ok!)
  • Broke up with my boyfriend
  • Parents divorce finalized (and received a call from my mom that sounded like the one last year--it was hard, as I couldn't just hop in the car and drive to Florida, like I could drive to her house here in Seattle).
  • Went to my yearly physical where I found I get to have a biopsy of a mole later this week. (Seriously, it was just a matter of time until this happened to me. Fair skin + many severe burns as a child = skin issues later in life. I just thought it would be later than 28)
  • Unable to go to the Black Sheep Gathering (because my fare for my trip to FL next month was too high!)
So I haven't felt much like posting. I felt pretty gloomy lately, and didn't want to sound all doom and gloom. Thank goodness for Ravelry. I'm a Super-Editor there, and have been absorbed editing, merging and working on the database. It just feels so good to be able to contribute to such a great site! :)

A few good things have happened!

I finished Glee!

I'll try and get a few other (better) pics of me wearing it, so you can see the entire sweater. I did end up having enough yarn. :)

I started another Zephyr Pattern, Rusted Root!

I've split for the armholes, and am about 5 inches down, another inch or so to go, and I'll be starting waist shaping.

I've also finished a few things off of the Matchless. This is Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino.

Colorway: Twist and Shout.

2-ply, with quarter for scale.

I still have 4 oz left to spin. Can't wait to have yarn for socks!


Liz said...

Glee looks great on you, and the yarn looks very nice and squishy. I hope you're doing well despite the craziness.

Abi said...

Welcome back online. Yarn/knitting is gorgeous as usual! If you ever need to talk about the crazyness, feel free to call... (I will always make time!)

I hope the mole biopsy is nothing big - I have had three so far, and they have all been benign. Good $$ for the pathologists and dermatologists, though!


Bryony Ramsden said...

Screw the man, there is always fibre. You look a total babe in Glee :D

Karen said...

Glee looks wonderful! And so does your yarn. I have that colorway waiting in the wings.... and seeing yours makes me want to start spinning it right NOW.

knittingnurse said...

Well, I want to say first off that I am so very very PROUD of you! My goodness, you are doing amazingly well with all that has been happening. That is a LOT for any one person to have in such a short amount of time AND you still managed to do some amazing knitting/spinning.

You keep it up girl, you are doing so well. Feeling crappy at times comes with the territory, it's how you deal with the time AFTER all the crappy feeling that matters and you certainly have ROCKED IT!

goodkarma said...

I'm sorry life has thrown you for a loop lately. Knitting is very therapeutic, no? :) Your projects look great. I can't wait to hear more about your zephyr projects since I have RR at the top of my queue at the moment.

xoxo said...

Sorry to hear about all your current challenges. The yarn is beautiful! And thank you for super-editing Ravelry. I'm a member and I love it.

Elemmaciltur said...

Welcome back online!

Sorry about the break up, but hey, it gives you more time to knit, eh? :-p

maitai said...

i'm sorry to hear of your troubles. i can't relate on all levels, but i am also going through a breakup :( and have gone through the whole biopsy ordeal (though not for a mole), so i feel for you. i hope that things work out for you for the best, and that tomorrow, next week, next month will be better.

lots of hugs