Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chirstmas Knitting DONE!

I finished my Mom's Hourglass Sweater in time for Christmas! w00t! Fingers crossed that it fits properly!

New project started:

ShibuiKnits Transitions gloves:

Knitted in Peacock and Mulberry. Damn Seattle light in winter!


stitchywitch said...

Your sweater looks pretty! I just got the exact same 2 colors of Shibui yarn to make my Transitions gloves - I'm glad to see that yours go so well together!

danielle said...

Gosh...I wish I had someone to knit such lovely presents for me! I am loving looking at all your posted photos...your color choices are right down my alley and your knitting is so lovely!

I find that I cannot wear my handknit socks to work. They get just too hot...and I really cant stand hot feet!