Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Holy Schacht!

It's here!!! It's HERE!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

Dave's Flower, originally uploaded by eksrn2002.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Heading home

I'm at the airport, and just wanted to give a quick progress report while I'm waiting for the plane to start boarding.

Still working on the Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan. Had to rip out about 3 inches of progress last night, after a try on showed that the cardigan wouldn't fit over the "girls." More increases were done, and I'm ready to start working on the waist of the sweater.

I'd pull it out and take a picture here in the airport, but you KNOW these muggles wouldn't understand.

See you in Seattle!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Book Acquistions

The next two books I'll be reviewing are books that I bought with a specific project in mind. You see, I've met a great guy. :) Hand knits are being discussed. I've told him about the sweater curse, and he still wants a hand knit. Thinking about my stash of knitting books, I realized how few men-themed patterns I have.

The first book I got is:

Such a campy name! There's a few patterns I found I'd like to knit out of this book. First is this sweater:

I totally could see myself knitting this for someone, and borrowing it a lot. :) I tend to like the simple classic designs. This sweater calls for cotton though, which I'd think would make for a HEAVY sweater, and imagine how the cotton would stretch!

Next are these gloves:

I love the cable on them, and the palms of the hands are textured with seed stitch on the palm. Imagine this in solid navy Koigu--yummy!

And this hat:
I love the spiraly decreases! Not sure I'd do this in garter stitch though. I'm more of a stockinette girl myself. :)

Overall this is a good book.

Next is:

I ended up liking the patterns in this book better than 'Never Knit Your Man a Sweater'

I'm considering this laptop cover:

These socks:

Here's another yummy sweater! I have a thing for hoodies lately!

Again, another good book. I'd also recommend this one

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Book Review #1

While I've been in Florida, I've been checking out the local yarn stores, and buying some new knitting books.

One of the firsts I bought: Lace Style, by Pam Allen and Ann Budd

Surprisingly, there's been a lot more patterns that I want to knit than I expected. I haven't really knit too much lace.

Here's the patterns that have gone to the TO KNIT list:

Little Silk Shrug, by Pam Allen

Floral Lace Anklets, by Evelyn Clark

Lily of the Valley Shawl, by Nancy Bush

and The Point About Cuffs by Vicki Square

There's a design notebook, just like Scarf and Wrap style. I'm glad I purchased this book.

I've even gotten yarn for the shrug!! :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Vacation is good for blogging!

Look at all these posts! :)

Here's a good picture of my Mom. We're on our way to go pick up my brother and his girlfriend for a birthday lunch. Isn't she beautiful?? :)

I've been checking out the local yarn stores and getting a lot of knitting books. Here's a few of my new purchases:

I started the Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan from Fitted Knits. I believe I've encountered an error in the math of the yoke increases. I've emailed Stefanie about the problem and she's looking into it. I'll do a review of the books I've gotten this week as well. The yarn is Universal Yarn, Inc. Eden Silk. My Mom picked out the color! It's so bright!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Knock another one off the list...

Kill Bill Jaywalkers are done!

Pictures in the am when there actually is light. :)


The completed Jaywalkers

The offending sock that took 6+ months to knit!

Eye Candy Friday

IMG_9535, originally uploaded by eksrn2002.

Merino/Bombyx Handspun

Handspun on a Lendrum wheel. Commercially dyed by Chasing Rainbow Dyeworks, New Blue colorway.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Made it to FL

I've landed safely in FL. Settling in my Mom's apartment, and she's already put me to work fixing computers, awaiting for delivery of a shelving unit.

Upon the moment I first stepped into her place, I demanded she take her shirt off. (TAKE YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!) So she could try on her sweater. :)


And I even managed to finish up her Cracked Canyon Jaywalkers on the flight out here. Florida is cool and overcast right now. It's like I haven't even left Seattle :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Geeking Out

I've totally been geeking out, setting up my laptop on my wireless network, learning how to share my files back and forth between computers. Two words: so. cool. :)

I'm going to be working on dyeing some yarn today, and putting up my rovings on Etsy. Here's a preview:

All roving braids are approximately 4 ounces of BFL roving. Yummy! Go check it out, it's on etsy now!

Here are the socks that I'm knitting for my Mom. It's BMFA Socks that Rock in Cracked Canyon.

I'll be heading to Florida on Wednesday. They'll be done before I see my Mom. :)

Back to figuring out more of the laptop.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

175 Caligula's Palace, originally uploaded by eksrn2002.

Temple to Castor and Pollux, the forum, Rome Italy.

See my first comment for more info! Apparently I must have been looking at the wrong ruin when Caligula's Palace was pointed out to the group! :)

Thank you Molly for your insights!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Still Working!

Started a new sock for my Mom--she's going through a difficult time with my Dad.

Got a new toy! My desktop PC is about to die, so I got a laptop with Vista. My impressions are mixed. Having software issues. The laptop is about 8 hours old, and I've already had to call Dell. ::sigh:: It's been a bit frustrating.

Have discovered a new weaver who's a friend of a friend. Check out Weaving Spirit to see some truly amazing fiber art.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

DSC03676, originally uploaded by eksrn2002.

Prayer card at the Wishing Tree, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, Japan.