Friday, February 01, 2008

Here comes the sun...

In Seattle, the sun rarely comes out in January and February. I've been unpacking today, and when I saw the sun, I knew I had to grab my camera and get some good shots of what I've been working on.

First up though, is a purchase I made at The Loopy Ewe. More Eat Your Veggies Claudia Handpainted Yarn! No, I'm not going to make socks for me to match my Mom. One of my blog readers and real life friends saw them, and really seemed to love them. So, because she means so much to Bernie and myself, I'm going to knit her some socks. There's just one problem. I don't know her shoe size! :) So, Bonnie of Weaving Spirit, zip me an email or leave a comment and let me know!

The colors are most accurate in this picture:

I also got a shots of my Matchless. I've been spinning!! (It's been MONTHS!)

This is what I've been spinning, some Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino. I don't know where the band that tells me the colorway, so if anyone knows, give me a holler!

Drawing onto the bobbin:

Gratuitous bobbin shot:

Woolee winder. Love this thing--it makes spinning so easier!

Matchless wheel:

I love this light. Such yummy spinning pr0n pictures. :)


Bonnie said...

Wow! You are certainly made MY day!
I wear a 9 1/2- 10 shoe size. I will send you a sock to use as a template, or we should take you to dinner and bring a measuring tape.

Bonnie said...

The "WE" are my happy feet!

AlisonH said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful spinning, beautiful socks. I actually have some Crown Mountain roving, and now I want to go spin it--thank you for that!