Thursday, May 15, 2008

Knitting Along...

I have been somewhat of a knitting fool! :) I've been knitting on a Gathered Pullover. I had to adapt the pattern, as the gauge of my yarn, Elsabeth Lavold Classic AL to the pattern. I'm using a US 6 to knit.

However, I attempted to try it on and it looks like it might be too big. I'm going to finish the body of the sweater and try it on before I decide to rip it out.

I absolutely love the cable and the color of the sweater. Yummy!

I've also been knitting on a pair of socks for Bernie.

One down, one to go! These are knit toe up, in Claudia Hand Painted fingering yarn.

One of my latest guilty pleasures:

Cold cranberry raspberry juice enjoyed in the am. Yum!

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