Friday, June 13, 2008


I have some finished socks! First up is the Bluebird Socks.

Too bad I ran out of yarn and couldn't finish the cabley cuff (I knit these socks toe up.) After ripping and reknitting, here are the completed socks!

Finished Bluebird Socks

Warm and cozy, if a bit too big. Oh well, they're good house socks.

I also finished some socks for Bernie.

It's very yummy to knit STR Mediumweight, I think it might be a bit stiff.

Farmhouse Socks in Progress

And look, finished socks!

Finished Bernie Socks

Now socks for me:

Space Dust sock cuff

Space Dust sock cuff

Interesting pooling, don't you think? It's Socks that Rock lightweight in Space Dust on US1 needles. YUM!

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Sarah said...

I have a pair of socks out of that STR colorway and I LOVE THEM! I got them at madrona not this last time but the time before. I want more STR!