Thursday, July 10, 2008


Dudes, I am freaking livid right now, and I need a place to vent.

Backstory--About a month or so ago, I found a lump in my breast. Yup, a lump. I went to the Dr. last week, and got them to check it out. Unfortunately my primary physician called in sick that day so I saw a different doctor. She thought that a breast ultrasound was needed and would fax the paperwork that day (7/3). Because of the holiday, I ended up calling on Tuesday to try to make an appointment to schedule the ultrasound.

It's Thursday. A WEEK later, and I have yet to schedule my ultrasound, even though I've called Tuesday, Wednesday and now Thursday to get the paperwork to the radiology department.

I'm 29 with a fucking lump in my breast, and this is scary, even though I'm fairly confident this is just a cyst. But good gracious, can't anyone get this done?!?

If I have to call tomorrow, I'm going to throw in a few F bombs. :)

Ah, I'm feeling better already.

Do your monthly breast exam!!


loopykd said...

I'll F bomb for you too if you have to call tomorrow! Good luck on all counts.

Sarah said...

That would be VERY aggrivating. I found a large lump in my breast when I was 27 and my son was 3 months old. It was non cancerous and actually I do have a variety of cysts now too but it is a very scarry experience. If you do end up needing a surgeon I can recommend mine.

goodkarma said...

Oh $%@#! I can completely understand your anxiety... I hope you get someone amazing on the phone tomorrow and that you get only healthy, positive results.

Abi said...

Unacceptable. Just because they deal with this all the time doesn't mean that it isn't a huge FRICKEN' deal to everybody who needs an appointment. They need to get their act together. :-(


Guido said...

F@#!, F&*$, F**&#... I know that it's a job to them, but don't they realize that it is still stress and anxiety to their patients. It's so angry making...